World of Struggle
Title: Gravitation
Author: rusting_roses
Recipient: lectin_gaezat
Rating: PG-13
Warning: sexual themes
Word Count: ~3000
Beta: phoenix_laugh wrangled everything into shape, as usual.
Summary: Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love. ~ Albert Einstein
Notes: For lectin_gaezat for the dai_stiho Friend/Ship Valentine's Day exchange. I hope you enjoy it!

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Worldgates, The TARDIS, and Cheesecake
Title: Worldgates, The TARDIS, and Cheesecake
Author: lectin_gaezat
Recipient: teacup_of_doom (dasflkjzdflkvcx I AM SO SORRY I AM LATE.)
Rating: G
Beta: None save my poor soul.
Characters/Pairings: Sker'ret&Carmela, Tom&/Carl, 9!Doc&/Rose
Warnings: Other than I might have totally messed up a crossover, well. I have nothing.
Wordcount: ~2100
Summary: What other reason do I have for this fic except an excuse for my feelings for the amazingness that is Season 1 New Who (I just finished it, I apologise if I didn't use everyone's favourite Doctor.). Crossings-centric, Carmela is a BAMF, and some things just happen.

I need to apologise here for being late. I had a super crazy schedule that threw everything into whack, and I cannot and will not stop apologising to the lovely mods of this comm and my recipient, Teacup. >.> I might have turned this fic upside down and inside out, and ended up mining too many pieces of coal instead of a lovely diamond of a fic for you. For which I apologise.


There aren't many things Carmela should be surprised about.Collapse )

Fic: Day One, Tom/Carl, PG
Fear for Courage
Title: Day One
Recipient: rusting_roses
Beta: araine
Characters/Pairing: Tom/Carl
Warnings: N/A
Word Count: ~1350
Summary: They are Advisories now, and life goes on.
Notes: This originated as a response to a bittersweet prompt, which it doesn’t entirely answer, but I figure the world needs more Tom/Carl (and also more whipped cream) and I also figured rusting_roses would not mind too much!

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Every Boy Needs a Dog (and Vice-Versa)
Tonks User Icon Labeled Light
Title: Every Boy Needs a Dog (and Vice-Versa)
Author: [info]teacup_of_doom
Rating: G
Warnings: Excessive Cuteness
Word Count: 3,327
Beta: [info]phoenix_laugh May she live long and prosper.
Summary: Every boy needs a dog. Every dog needs a boy. Kit and Ponch - best friends, now and always.
Notes: For [info]araine in the [info]dai_stiho Fic Exchange

Every Boy Needs a Dog (and Vice-Versa)

Yellow Spandex and Other Life Choices
Go Find Out
Title: Yellow Spandex and Other Life Choices
Author: rusting_roses
Recipient: readingredhead
Beta: phoenix_laugh
Characters/Pairing: Carmela, Nita, Diarine (background Nita/Kit)
Warnings: language, sexual themes
Word Count: ~4400
Summary: Carmela, Dairine and Nita have a girls night together. Mutant love, yellow spandex, Stryker on Pluto, curled hair and bacon are all absolutely valid topics for commentary.
Notes: for the prompt Dairine&Nita&Carmela; "girls' night out" had been Carmela's idea -- whether it was a good idea remained to be seen (feel free to include any other ladies in the outing, human or not!). Sorry, I appear to have gotten some meta in this fic (I hope you don't mind) but hey, it's not a bad thing to be mutant and proud ;)

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fic: o death do not feel like the victor (one's champion, lone power, gen-ish, pg)
boomdeyada boomdeyada
Title: o death do not feel like the victor
Author: araine
Recipient: paxpinnae
Beta: readingredhead
Characters/Pairing: One's Champion, Lone Power
Word Count: 1098
Summary: The One's Champion and the Lone Power dance through Time and Death.
Notes: Going to go ahead and start this posting off, because I've been itching to get to this! (Dear mods: I hope everything is tagged and formatted correctly, if not please tell me!) Title is from Noah and the Whale's Hold My Hand As I'm Lowered. I'm sorry to my recipient-- this is probably not nearly as shippy as you wanted it, and it leans towards the confusing. I hope that you enjoy it anyways, my own pretensions aside. My thanks to the amazing readingredhead, who is the best beta I could ever ask for. She reminds me that maybe I shouldn't write things in three tenses!

Read also at AO3 here.

In the time before Death, the One has no need of a Champion.Collapse )

Valentine Day Friend/Ship Exchange
Go Find Out
I just wanted to give you the heads up for how I'd like everyone to do their headers:

Word Count:
Notes: (if any)

General reminders: Post your fic between the Tuesday February 14th and Wednesday February 29th, please. Yes, you must have your fic betaed before you post; if you don't have one, please comment on this post. If you'd like to offer your beta services, please also feel free to comment on this post. Also, if you need to drop out for any reason, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let readingredhead or me know as soon as possible so we can get a pinch hitter. Thank you so much for participating!

Sign-ups closed; assignments emailed!
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If you haven't received an assignment email, please let me know so I can make sure something hasn't gone horribly wrong; otherwise, go forth and write!

Sign-ups closing at midnight EST!
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This will be your final reminder: go sign up!

It might be more accurate to say that sign-ups will not be officially closed until tomorrow ~10am EST, when I am awake to start working on assignments, but don't wait too long, banking on the chances that I will oversleep my alarm, etc. -- you might miss out!

I'll put up a post tomorrow to let you know when sign-ups have been completed and when assignments have been sent out. In the meantime: did I mention you ought to sign up? :)

Friend/Ship Exchange sign-up deadline extended!
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We're extending the sign-up deadline for our Friend/Ship exchange by 24 hours, since I previously forgot to cross-post information about sign-ups to myriadwords... *headdesk* The new deadline is midnight EST on Saturday January 14 (that's tomorrow!). Assignments will still be sent out via email by midnight EST on Sunday.

As usual, if you have any questions, please comment and either rusting_roses or I will get back to you as soon as we can!


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