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Dai Stiho
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A community for challenges from the young wizards fandom


Thank you, everyone, for joining us!

This is the community that's been started as a place for Young Wizards challenges to be held. By that, I mean anything within the universe that the lovely author of this series, Diane Duane, has written in regards to this world. This will be a place primarily for the generation of fanfiction for the Young Wizards fandom via various challenges, from prompt-fests to exchanges to (hopefully one day) even big bangs. I trust you all will be good wizards and be kind to your fellow participants and community members, but just in case, here are some basic rules:

1. No Bashing: It doesn't matter how you feel about a given pairing, fic, author, etc. If the fic is not to your taste, pull a Thumper and remember: If you don't have anything nice (or at least constructive) to say, don't say anything at all

2. This is Not a General Fanfic Community: This is a community for the various challenges that we'll be putting into place. Though we will be posting the final products to the comm, do not post fics that are not a part of a given challenge. You can post your fics at myriadwords

3. Please Use Tags: This is for the ease of tracking the challenges, authors, etc. As the challenges come and go, my fellow mods and I will be sure to add the necessary tags, so use them

If you have any questions, please contact one of your lovely moderators, rusting_roses, sarinmorphine or readingredhead! We are more than willing to address any of your concerns

Useful Links
The Young Wizards Homepage
The Young Wizards Errantry Wiki

All the credit ever goes to the lovely hollow_echos who has done all the banners on the site!